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Below you will meet some of the Ragdolls that are currently looking for new homes, with links to their full adoption profiles, which we would ureg you to read. If you feel you can offer a life long commitment and the right home to any of them please complete our online adoption application.

The UKRCC is urgently seeking new families for several Ragdolls. Can you help?

Minky and Kato are two beautiful, loving, 10 year old Ragdolls who need a quiet new home, together.

Lily is a four year old friendly, playful and affectionate Ragdoll and is looking for a family who can give her the love she deserves.

To meet these special Ragdolls and find out more about them, please continue down this page.

Please take the time to read the following:

Homes are selected based on their suitability and never on a first come, first served basis.

All potential adopters will be required to have a home visit, carried out by one of our home assessors, before any adoption takes place.

We ask all adopters to complete a copy of our Homing Agreement.

We ask for a donation, currently £90, for each cat adopted. All funds raised are used to help us continue our rescue and welfare work and to meet the high veterinary costs we incur.

Please Note: It is in the nature of all rehoming and rescue that many of the cats involved will be in poor condition and may require veterinary attention. In all cases where the cats come into the care of the UKRCC, we will ensure they are health checked, neutered, vaccinated, given preventative flea and worm treatment and receive any other veterinary care needed.

In the case of cats who are rehomed from their original owner to the adopter, without coming into the care of the UKRCC, while we endeavour to gain a full history from the owner, regards general health, vaccination status, condition of coat etc. we cannot guarantee that you will receive a cat that does not require some veterinary attention when it arrives to you. Often cats are rehomed needing vaccinations, dematting, dentals etc. In these cases the UKRCC are committed to offering emotional support to the adopters and to contributing towards, or reimbursing the full costs incurred. However, while we work very hard to establish as much information about every cat as is possible, we cannot be held responsible for any poor health of the cat. We only know what the original owners tell us. Rehoming a rescue Ragdoll requires an emotional and financial commitment from the adopter and is not a cheap way to gain a pedigree cat. If you require a ‘perfect cat’, which has a health guarantee, then please source your Ragdoll, as a kitten, from a reputable breeder.


*Possible Home Found*
Lace is a 3 year old Black Smoke Maine Coon and is currently in the care of the UKRCC. Her vaccinations are up to date, she is neutered and microchipped. Lace is a friendly, gentle and playful cat. For more information about her and how to apply to adopt her, please visit Lace's Profile

Caspar and Daisy are both 5 years old and are currently in the care of the UKRCC. They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Both are friendly, affectionate Ragdoll Cats. Caspar and Daisy are looking for a a quiet, child free, pet free home together. .

Tilly is a year old, female, tabby Ragdoll. She is due to come into the care of the UKRCC soon and after a period of assessment will be looking for a new home. She is neutered and vaccinated.

*Home Found*
Tink is a 2 year old Tortoiseshell Maine Coon, who is in the care of the UKRCC. She is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Tink is an extremely active, playful cat and so needs a home where she can have safe access to a secure garden.

Harvey Pickles is a male, 20 month old, blue bicoloured Ragdoll. He is neutered and vaccinated. He is looking for a home where he can have safe access to a secure garden well away from busy roads.

* Rehomed*
Pixie and Leo are nearly three years old and are looking for a home together. They are both friendly, gentle cats and just need a home where they have plenty of attention and human companionship.

* Home Found*
Marius and Sneaky are two Ragdolls who are seeking a very special, patient and understanding home. To read their story and for information on how to adopt them, please visit their profile.

*Owner rehomed to a friend*
Maddie is a two year old Ragdoll, female tortie mitted Ragdoll. She is a friendly, playful and energetic, looking for a loving home where she will receive lots of human companionship. For more details and for information abut how to adopt her, please visit Maddie's profile.

*Seeking a Home*
Barry and Oscar are 8 year old male Ragdoll brothers and are looking for a quiet,child free, pet free, loving home. For more details about them and for information about how to adopt them, please visit their profile.

The UKRCC has a non-destruct policy and will never put a healthy cat to sleep.

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