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UKRCC Adoption Questionnaire

We are always seeking new homes for Older Ragdoll cats. If you have a genuine interest in adopting a Ragdoll cat and have the love, time and commitment to give to a needy older Ragdoll, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. Please be honest and realisitc. This will help us in placing every Ragdoll to the most suitable family. Please make sure all family members are in agreement with a Ragdoll coming into the home before submitting your details.

Please Note: It is in the nature of rehoming and rescue that many of the cats involved will be in poor condition and may require veterinary attention. In all cases where the cats come into the care of the UKRCC, we will ensure they are health checked, neutered, vaccinated, given preventative flea and worm treatment and receive any other veterinary care needed.

In the case of cats who are rehomed from their original owner to the adopter, without coming into the care of the UKRCC, while we endeavour to gain a full history from the owner, regards general health, vaccination status, condition of coat etc. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a cat that does not require some veterinary attention when it arrives to you. Often cats are rehomed needing vaccinations, dematting, dentals etc. In these cases the UKRCC are committed to offering emotional support to the adopters and to contributing towards or reimbursing the full costs incurred. However, while we work very hard to establish as much information about every cat as is possible, we cannot be held responsible for any poor health of the cat. We only know what the original owners tell us. Rehoming a rescue Ragdoll requires an emotional and financial commitment from the adopter and is not a cheap way to gain a pedigree cat. If you require a ‘perfect cat’, which has a health guarantee, then please source your Ragdoll from a reputable breeder.

As a charity, our time is our most precious commodity and time is taken to check every form submitted. Please only complete and submit this form if you have a genuine wish and commtiment to adopt a Ragdoll or other cat from the UKRCC. Thank you.

Email address
Home Telephone
Work Telephone
Do you live in a house or flat ?
If rented, does your landlord allow pets (written evidence will be required before any adoption)
Do you have a garden ?
If so, is it securely fenced all round and to what minimum height ?
Is your home on or near any busy roads ?
Do you have children ?
If so, what are their ages ?
Do you have any other pets ? Please give details, including whether they are fully vaccinated, where necessary.
If you currently own a cat, does it have free outside access ?
Do you have a cat flap ?
Have you owned an indoor cat before ?
Do you have or are you considering a cat run ?
On average, how many hours a day would a cat be left alone, without human company ?
Does anyone in your family have allergies, such as asthma, eczema, hayfever, etc? If so are you aware whether cats worsen your condition?
Are you looking to home a single Ragdoll or a pair ?
What age Ragdoll would you consider rehoming ?
Would you be willing to rehome a Ragdoll who has health problems? Please Note: Any cat can develop a health problem, at any time in their lives, so rehoming a Ragdoll without health problems does not guarantee there will not be issues in the future.
Would you be willing to rehome a Ragdoll who has a history of toileting away from the tray ? Please Note: Any cat can develop a problem with inappropriate toileting, at any time in their lives, so rehoming a Ragdoll without toileting issues does not guarantee there will not be issues in the future.
Do you have preferences on colour, pattern or gender ?
Have you seen a specific Ragdoll on our adoption pages who you would like to offer a home to? If so, please give their name here
Please give any other information about yourself, your family and your home situation, which may be useful in helping us in placing the right Ragdoll to your home, including why you want a Ragdoll.

Please type 2rgdzn in this box

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1624543990"> Please read the following UKRCC adoption conditions before submitting your adoption application:

Every Ragdoll is placed to a home based on suitability and not on a first come, first served basis.

Due to the number of enquiries we have, compared to the number of Ragdolls seeking new homes, we cannot guarantee that everyone contacting us will be successful in adopting.

If we consider you have adoption potential, we shall keep your details and contact you, should a suitable Ragdoll become available for you. There may be along wait before you receive a Ragdoll.

Every potential adopter is required to pass a home assessment before any cat will be placed with them.

All adopters are asked to give a minimum donation, currently £90, per Ragdoll cat, towards the UKRCC welfare fund, payable within 10 days of adoption.

All adopters are required to sign a homing agreement which is effective for the life of the cat. Please take the time to read through the homing agreement.

The majority of Ragdoll cats are homed as house cats and must not be allowed to 'free roam'. Indoor cats require the provision of at least one litter tray, at all times.


Please Note: In submitting your form and clicking the 'I Agree' button below, you are acknowledging that you have read our rehoming agreement and rehoming policy and promise to abide by our terms and conditions, should you be successful in adopting a Ragdoll via the UKRCC.

I have read and agree to abide by the above conditions of adoption.

I declare that all of the information I have given on this questionnaire is true, to the best of my knowledge.

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