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Amy, rescued, fostered and rehomed by the UKRCC

The Ragdoll in the photo above is Amy. Amy was rescued, fostered and rehomed by the UKRCC. Throughout her short life, Amy had been in four homes and had suffered cruelty and neglect. She came to us needing major surgery to remove an ovary left behind when she was neutered and to repair her bowel, damaged by a huge force, either from a car or from someone kicking her. It was also found that one of Amy's kidney was permanently damaged. These injuries had not been treated by a vet at the time they occurred. Amy was a very frightened, unwell cat when she came to us. It took five months of love and care and over £700 in vet and fostering bills to rehabilitate Amy, so she was ready to join her new family. To find out more about Amy, please click here.

The UKRCC only survives to help Ragdolls like Amy because of people's generosity, both with their time, commitment and of course their financial support. We are a small charity, doing a hugely important job. The more support we receive, the more secure as a charity we shall become and the more Ragdolls we shall be able to help in the future. Please help us, if you can.

Adopt a Ragdoll:

We are always seeking loving homes for needy Ragdolls. If you have the time and commitment to give an older Ragdoll then please visit our Ragdoll cat rehoming page for more details.

Join our team of volunteers:

We are a UK wide charity and so we can never have enough volunteers. Do you have a few hours you can spare to carry out home assessments in your local area? Do you drive? Would you be willing to help transport Ragdoll cats to their new home? Can you help us raise awareness of our charity by circulating our posters to vets and boarding catteries in your local area? If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, please email us.

Become a Ragdoll Cat foster carer:

We have an increasing number of Ragdolls who need to be removed from their home very quickly and in such cases we provide foster homes. In 2007 we provided foster care for 19 Ragdoll cats. We are currently seeking very special people, to join our fostering team, who have the time, love and commitment to give to needy Ragdolls. For more details please read our Foster Care Guide and then, if you wish to register your interest, please print and complete our Foster Carer Application Form. Please send your completed form to the registered addresss detailed at the bottom of the paperwork.

Are you good at arts and crafts?

If you enjoy making greetings cards, jewellery, cat blankets and beds, cat toys etc. and would be willing to donate some items to us to help us raise funds via our shop, or online auction on our forum, please email us.

Make a donation:

If you are not able to become involved as a volunteer, then you can still help us by making a donation. In July 2007 we spent over £1000 in veterinary care for Ragdolls needing our support. We receive no funding other than from charitable donations. We do not use monies raised for anything other than charitable aims, so you can donate with confidence, knowing that your money will be used to better the life of a needy Ragdoll cat. Every penny really does count to us and so whatever you can give, however small, will be gratefully received. To make a donation, please click here.

Make everyclick.com your home page:

Everyclick.com is an internet search engine which donates money to a chosen charity every time a user clicks. To find out how you can help the UKRCC just by using everyclick as your search engine please visit the UKRCC Every Click page.

Start raising money now while searching.

Purchase your pet products via our associate links:

The UKRCC Ragdoll Rehoming and Welfare Fund will receive commision on all purchases from these sites made by those following the links directly via this page. So if you are considering buying from any of the companies below, please visit them using our links. It will cost you no more, but our charity will benefit.

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Ebay for our charity:

The UKRCC is registered with Mission Fish, an arm of eBay, which allows people to trade and benefit their favourite charities. Please visit the link below to find out how you can help us.

Link to our website using our UKRCC banner:


To all those who support this appeal, in whatever way and help us to make a difference to the lives of needy Ragdoll cats, thank you.


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